The Burgundy with its historic sites in art and culture is situated half way between Paris and Lyon. The view goes over a soft and slightly hilly scenery with many meadows and pastures, on which the white cattle of the Charollais region is being held.

The area encourages visitors to go on bike tours or hiking.

The wine of the burgundy, the tasty meat of the charollais−cattle, chevre − the goat cheese, lamb and mutton are just some of the culinary pleasures of the region.

In a reachable distance are the cities of Cluny with its historical Abbey (built before St. Peters Cathedral in Rome) of the Benedictine monks as well as Beaune with its Abbey in which every year the famous wines are being auctioned. Dijon, Macon or Paray-le-Monial with their cathedrals are easily accessible. Many more smaller chapels and churches of the 11th. and 12th. century will find anyone’s interest.

Everything is individual, introspective, cosy and quite in a wonderful countryside. Here you'll find friendly people in a small Bistro sometimes with a bonnet on their head, a cigarette at the corner of his mouth with a glass of red wine or Pastis and always ready to play a game of Boule.

The historical France still is alive

Welcome to the Bourgogne